New GvG Build Idea(somewhat old) {RubyKingdom}

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New GvG Build Idea(somewhat old) {RubyKingdom}

Post by Guest on Sun 14 Jan - 0:30

Today i gvged with some of my guildies and im happy!

however we are using a new B-Surge build(to blind meleers and render them useless and then kill them)
and we lost twice on this same build vs 2 different teams; and although i haven't gvg at all, i know this is a sigh that something in this build is wrong but i don't know as i was doing my biology homework( i was reading a chapter on fungus) and i suddenly thought of this old build that might be very effective or totally useless and here it is:

the original build is a build having 8 blood nercos, a caller. Once the battle begins, the caller calls and the rest of the team spikes the target using vamp gaze(at lvl 15 blood or higher) thus effectively killing the target-fast. Then they cast wob/wop(well of blood/well of power) thus gaining considerable hp and energy. but with the coming of Ravenous Gaze[E], i thought if just 1-2 ppl carry wop as their elite and the rest carries RG, plus dark pact, blood of aggressor, sig. or sorrow, vamp gaze. thus the nercos all have a variety of spiking skills to use/spam.(sorrow sig. is especially good against thumpers or rangers if you kill their pets first)

i tried a all nerco build in TA(all spikers) and it worked wonders, especially against thumpers, tanks, devs.(took me 40 minutes to get the group though) and the healing from wob/wop is pretty good and since you got RG, you can get an emergency healing of 120 or more. (energy management shouldn't be a problem with a 11 soul reaping or higher and we carry sig. of lost souls)

so i was wondering if we can do something similar to this, since i find spiking a target with a regen skill works good, also when you are spiking a target the dmg is big, and it put pressure for the monks.
my idea is that we have 1-2 monks with condition removal(Boardhead Arrow/ or other skill causes daze can shutdown 1 to 2 nercos down in a relatively short time and interrupts won't help since even if 2 of your skills are interrupted you still got 3 more and the RC of the spells are no more than 10 seconds, diversion won't either as you can just use A skill to trigger it and hopefully the monks have "divert hex" or mass-hex-removal since diversion can become a problem if the enemy continues to cast it)
and the rest are nerco spikers that have hex breaker or some form of hex removal(1 skill)
this way the spike damage would put the enemy monks under pressure and all the while maintain a hp of 75-90% or so and when you hp drop below 50% you can use Ravenous Gaze to gain 120+ health and dish out the same amount.(even if just 2 people have <50%hp, the target would take 240+ dmg)
the skills for my TA team is as follows:

1)Ravenous Gaze[e]/Well Of Power[e](though we find that in some cases wob is better as you can carry an elite and the well spell didn't work as great as we expected it to be, people run around too much)
2)vamp gaze
3)blood of aggressor
4)dark pact
5)sig of sorrow
6)glyph of lesser energy(though sig. of lost souls maybe better)
7)jaundiced gaze
8)rez sig.

Blood Magic: 16(+)
Soul Reaping: 12(+)

*the time from the begging of the spike to the end is so little that hex generally don't affect us too much and we only encountered 1 team with good degen(thumpers are popular these days) and the monk's protect spell don't affect our spike as our spike rely on life stealing, not actual damaging.

so here it idea(somewhat) is that we have 2 heal/prot monks with hex removal and the rest are nerco spikers.
Don't know how this will work out in GvG, and i know there are holes to be filled but here it is just an idea, waiting to be "shaped".

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Re: New GvG Build Idea(somewhat old) {RubyKingdom}

Post by Krispera on Sun 14 Jan - 2:02

They can heal themself, it's good!!!

Well I see no problems here, we just have to train the spike!


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